• Did you know that using eHydrogen is a completely reversible process?  This means that you can make eHydrogen by splitting water and then you can combine the hydrogen and oxygen to ge back to water.  This process came be repeated forever without degrading the hydrogen or oxygen.
  • Did you know the one of the largest uses of hydrogen is the launch of the US space shuttle?
  • Did you know that hydrogen could run your car, truck or even a bus?  Many vehicles have been converted to run on hydrogen.  When a vehicle to converted to run on hydrogen the engine is called H-ICE for Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine.
  • Did you know hydrogen is lighter than gasoline?  A gallon of liquid hydrogen weighs only 0.6 pounds per gallon and a gallon of gasoline weighs over 6 pounds.  The tank to hold liquid hydrogen weighs much more than a gas tank.
  • Did you know eHydrogen burns cleaner than gasoline, diesel or natural gas? All fossil fuels contain carbon which produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide when burned.  These are one form of air pollution.  Burning of all fuels produces NOx which is also a form of pollution but by burning hydrogen with a catalyst the amount NOx can be greatly reduced.
  • Did you know that hydrogen contains more energy per pound than gasoline?  It is true, each pound of hydrogen contains 61,100 BTU's.  By contrast, a pound of gasoline has only 20,900 BTU's.
  • Did you know that Americans create alot of carbon dioxide?  Question:  Which generates more pollution;  a 15 MPG SUV driven 12,000 miles per year, a single-family detached house or an average 20 MPG family car driven 15,000 per year?  Answer:  Each of the produce about the same 15,000 pounds of carbon pollution per year.

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